Spectacle, action, strategy, excitement and humour – that’s “Párharc” itself! The Serbian-licensed format features fierce competition and an unpredictable storyline with twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each cycle, the star couples on the show will face a test of courage and a clash, followed by a vote, and at the end of each cycle they will be eliminated in a battle. “Párharc” 2022 airs on TV2 from the 17th of October, with 8 couples battling it out for the 10 million HUF prize. The host is András Stohl.

In Párharc, the contestants test themselves in various ways. It’s a serious competition and a quiz, which is practically a big relationship test. The show mainly focuses on how well they can cooperate in extreme situations. Throughout the show, the initially peaceful and cohesive group becomes more and more heated as they fight each other, play tactics and make alliances. It is very exciting to see who is willing to do what to win! It’s a classic reality game, but it’s all about how well a couple can play together. It’s a big joint game where a lot is allowed,” said Kristóf Rubin, owner and creative producer of Free Monkeys Production.